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My voice heard on BBC Radio Derby!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

I am still absolutely humbled to have been interviewed by Sally Pepper to discuss my business as a Mental Health Support worker and how I want to help in my community. I love working with people and helping people so this was an amazing experience to spread the word on how we can all come together and help in our communities.

I have worked with local shops, churches and charity's to create the the Community Cans Can Help campaign. I welcome donations from anyone and anywhere who can donate cans of food and toiletries and we will work with the chosen charity for 6 months to support them with donations. We then rotate our support after 6 months to another local chosen charity so we can help everyone in need and not just support one particular charity.

We are currently working to support Girica which is run by Erica and Gina to support homelessness. They are doing amazing work and I am so happy to be supporting them with donations. If you can help by donating in date canned food or toiletries, please contact me.

Please take a listen to my interview with Sally Pepper on BBC Radio 1, Thursday 22nd October and 10:15am.



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