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For any support I am here for you. I have collaborated with the best local organisations, gained experience, knowledge with qualifications to match, in order to give YOU the best support possible. Get in touch today and see how I can help support you and lets put you 1st. 

Other support in the local community

If you would like to donate please complete the form below

Thank you for helping us make a difference!


Sarac's mission is to sustain and enhance bespoke, specialist emotional-support services for all people aged 11 and over who are, or have been, victims of rape and/or sexual abuse. It will do this by uniting, leading, educating and training local people who are passionate about protecting and inspiring this positive change in the local community. 


The Burton and District Chambers of Commerce is a membership based organisation that supports a wide range of businesses across East Staffordshire and the surrounding area. This includes the key business centres of Burton and Uttoxeter. The Burton and District Chamber of Commerce is one of nine divisions that are part of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, joining a group of over 2,900 businesses representing over 180,000 employees across the region.


CoCo (Compassionate Communities of Burton) belongs to a growing network of Places of Welcome. A place for everyone for a conversation or a cup of tea when they need it. Places of Welcome is a growing network of local community groups providing their neighbourhoods with places where all people feel safe to belong, connect and contribute.

Local Initiatives

Community Initiatives

There are many amazing ideas in your local community. Below are a few ideas I would recommend. If you would like any further advice or information in supporting your local community or perhaps to volunteer your time to something very rewarding, please get in touch. 

Staying safe through COVID-19

I will endeavour to ensure that the latest government guidelines are adhered too with social distancing and wearing masks. I can also ensure you have the latest government guidance on staying safe. 

Shopping & Prescription Pick-up and Delivery

During this pandemic, I understand how going outside may seem a little daunting right now so I am offering a local pick up service for ordered groceries or prescriptions.


I am here even if you just need to talk to someone. No matter how small or big, from help filling out forms, some help around the home or just some advice. Mental Health is 24/7 so I am here for you.

Please get in touch.

Community Cans Can Help

I am working with local businesses, churches and charity's to provide donations within the local community, to a chosen charity for 6 months. A vote in cast every 6 months by the community as to which charity should receive the donations for the 6 month period. This way, I am supporting as many charities as possible and not just one chosen charity. 

If you would like to find out more about how to donate canned foods, toiletries or nominating the next charity, please get in touch!

Staying Healthy

Being active has proven to be beneficial to our mental health so what better way to achieve this by arranging local walks in nature.

A chance for you to become active by going for safe socially distanced walk with like minded people who are dedicated to supporting others and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Check on Your Elderly Neighbours

It is always good to give back if you can. A healthy way to feel part of your community is to take some time and check on your elderly neighbours who could be struggling during this pandemic. 

We always advise you practise social distancing where possible.

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