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BBC Radio Derby interview (February 2021)

I am humbled to have been invited back onto the airwaves at BBC Radio Derby. I really enjoyed speaking with Sally Pepper and discussing how my business has grown over the last couple months and how I plan to move forward with the business.

A new venture over the last couple of months has resulted in me setting up "Community Cans Can Help" which has involved collecting so many donations to support local charities to support our local community by providing food parcels for the homeless, elderly, vulnerable and anyone in need of these donations.

I have now managed to set up a premises with the help of my local community church and opened the first permanent food back in Burton-on-Trent! I am so thankful to everyone that has supported me to make this happen and I am delighted to be able to continue offering help to this wonderful community.

Please take a listen to my latest interview with Sally Pepper on BBC Radio Derby help on 9th February 2021 at 10.15am.



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