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Social Networking Event December 2019

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I was privileged to be a sponsor as well as a speaker at the Chamber of Commerce Social Networking event held on 4th December 2019.

Family bakes together

Being apart of this amazing experience helped promoted my business. I am empowered to keep networking and expanding to raise awareness for Mental Health and small businesses such as mine. The feedback I had from this event was very humbling.

“Very informative presentation. Would highly recommend Lorna as she clearly knows her stuff”
"Thank you for the talk you did a fantastic job!"
Tonight has been amazing! Lorna is incredible, mental health has been a big part of my life and she helped me a lot"
"Lorna was easy to listen to and engaging, She had a lovely approachable manner about her. I could tell she really cares about people. Great talk Lorna"
Great talk and a very worthy and needed source. 9-5 doesn't cut it sometimes! Very friendly, approachable and open person - can see she would be an easy person to talk to. What a wonderful job"



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